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Originally Posted by LittleWolf34 View Post
Hey bro and welcome.

Don't mind these guys, judging by their comments they are the last people to ask for anything educational wise. Although I'm sure a lot of my brethren are harsh due to the many situations they have been through, it is still not an excuse to be rude and unkind. I'm Ben, I'm a full Blackfoot, my Dad is Pikani and my Mother is Siksika. I do agree with one thing that war dancer wrote, and that is white people have made fun of our culture and nearly destroyed it, now they come back and romanticize our cultures and have made it a fad where everyone seems to be native these days. is a place to talk powwows but some off topic inquiries shouldn't be ignored.

Before one can truly begin a quest such as you'res, you must delve into the unknown and suppressed to really grasp native culture. You must learn first of what happened here and what 95% percent of my brothers and sisters went through. Yes there are more than 500 cultures and beliefs, but to connect them you must see what has happened. I recommend reading the "inconvenient Indian," to really grasp what happened and why many are harsh to non natives just coming in here and asking away and expecting a answer. Many pearls of wisdom were given to the white man only to be trampled in the mud. What we have left we hold onto dearly. Read that book with sincerity. And after that you'll know how to ask and who to search out.

Good luck bro.
Thank you!!!

To be honest, I wasn't even born in this country and have only lived here half my life on and off. I don't do fads or social media or watch TV (haven't even had TV for over 11 years now) or any of that crap. If given the chance, many will find I am very different from most typical Americans. I try to be a very meek person however that's a goal and virtually impossible to do living mainstream America and working a typical American career. Which is why I'm walking away from it as fast as I can in 6 yrs, I'll be selling all of my possessions and hope to find my own way somehow. I'm been looking forward to it for at least 10 yrs now.

I hope I have not offended anyone or led anyone to believe that I wish to become Native American because some people think it's "cool" or whatever. Honestly where I live I don't know anyone like that but I can imagine there are some that some of you have met.

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