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Originally Posted by Hawk1 View Post
I was banned here once but now I learned my lesson I was allowed back and I try not to make the same mistake twice that got me banned in the first place some people are hard for me to talk to without me getting their feathers ruffled and they act like a corncob has been shoved so far up their behind that their above me when their not no one is above anybody just saying we are all not perfect only one is perfect and only that one person can judge me I really don't give a rats behind if anyone else likes me or not I like me so that's all that matters.
Interesting reply. Thanks. I tend to accept everyone and then look how they act towards me. Some may let out their frustrations on those who acutally like them. Happens in families too. I am glad that I am not perfect, would be boring otherwise. Sometimes making mistakes is part of peoples perception. Besides rules. I guess a mistake is when one can't live up to the expectations of another person. It may be considered a mistake in that person's eye. I don't know why you got banned, if I made a mistake I was not told directly or precisely what it was. I presume most people don't like me as I can't live up to their expectations. And if being liked I fear, I may dissapoint them as they may seem to see something bigger in me than I am. And if I am not that, they maybe dissapointed and therefore not like me. But then it's their own expectations they had, therefor must admit to themselves of being false and nobody likes to change their mind and accepts they made a mistake in believing falsely about another person.

Sometimes people in a group influence each other in not liking a specific person. However it's a big subject to talk about.
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