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Question Another contravercial tattoo question.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and give me your feedback.
I read, in another thread, a girls' question about native American stylized tattoos. This community came down pretty harshly on her, and for good reason, as she was interested in the symbolism purely as art. And while the patterns and colors used in native American art, symbols, etc. IS beautiful, this is a very isocentric view. I deeply understand the meanings and importance of such imagery and do not take lightly permanently marking myself with these images.
I have given a lot of time and thought to some things I would want permanently on my body and the deep meanings, feelings, and culture behind much native art and symbols is not just at the top, but the only thing on the list.
So here is my question.
With my mind made up, and the knowledge that I have been through so much in my life, please tell me how it would come across to put these on my body.
I like the idea of symbols. Crossed arrows. A broken arrow. The symbol for Luck. A wise and watchful eye. A warding of evil spirits. In addition to animal sybolism, traditional eagle for guidance, bear for strength, etc.

I have my mind made up, but again I am not looking to offend. While there is native blood in these veins, it is not much and I don't want to use that as an excuse as I was not brought up that way at all.
Just know I understand the ramifications of these actions.
Please give me your advice and feedback.
I will answer any questions.

Thank you,

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