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While I do have great interest, I have not done anything yet and won't if it will be as insulting as you all seem to interpret it as.
No they will not be visible, again they aren't to show off, they would be to hold a meaning to me.
True, there are lots of symbols out there that could be used that wouldn't be "stealing". The shame is that all my cultures symbols have been raped and overused to the point that they no longer hold any meaning. Just another reason I turned to these because they hold great meaning and with such a blind eye turned to your culture I don't see that happening to them.
Glad everyone has kept an open mind.
Guess I will abandon my choices as, as I have said, I do not wish to offend.
Thanks for your advice.

And to the artist, I would love to know more, but I am in florida so I don't know how realistic the idea of getting work from you would be.

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