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Greetings All.

My User Name :- BlueMental is a more natural name for me. Yet I am known by quite a few names. I am from South Africa, and not I am not a Native American, and (as far as I know) none of my ancestors were either.

I am however a kind of 'mixed breed' South African. My father was a Latvian (Baltic States ex USSR) and he was what is loosely called a 'Russian Jew'.

My mother was Afrikaans from German ancestry, but in her line there was also Black African ancestry. From the Afrikaans perspective they (pretty racist in general in those days) preferred to deny this, so no one really knows exactly which ancestor it was.

Now my surname (from my fathers side) is Blumenthal, which you can see is almost the same as BlueMental. Blumen is a derivative of German (and Yiddish) for Flower, while Thal or Dal is the derivative for Valley. So my surname means if directly translated, Flower Valley.

My mothers parents hated my dad, because he was Jewish and they were fascists. My fathers parents were suspicious of my mother since she came (as they called it) from Nazi Roots.

This meant that our family was never accepted by either 'clan' - for want of a better word.

So I grew up, seeing both sides of both cultures. the good parts and the bad. I chose to prefer to see the good parts in all cultures, but it is not easy to always succeed.

Why BlueMental is valid as my more 'natural' name, is because, I like the colour blue. A lot is said about colour by all the 'experts', but if the following quote is valid, then 'vibes' are very similar to mine. :-
"Blue represents both the sky and the sea, and is associated with open spaces, freedom, intuition, imagination, expansiveness, inspiration, and sensitivity. Blue also represents meanings of depth, trust, loyalty, sincerity, wisdom, confidence, stability, faith, heaven, and intelligence."

Why the 'Mental' part fits me well, is that almost everyone I meet consider me to be 'insane' in some way or in totality. They think me mad because I find it insane to go to work every day, work for a boss who knows nothing, earns more than you and acts like he has the right to tell you what to do, how to live and when to do it.

They think me mad because I consider sales marketing, politics, religion, laws, schooling and just about everything else they consider 'civilised' to be manipulative lies that place a few in power and the rest in slavery.

Another name I am known by is 'Nongalwan,' which is a Pondo (an Black African Tribe that were Xhosa many, many ancestors ago, but split to become their own culture) name meaning 'One Arm'.

I live in a Pondo area, and I have one arm. What I like about this name, is that it is honest and easy to remember - not the word (for non-Pondo's,) but it's meaning.

My first name given to me by my parents, is Lance. This comes from the spear like weapon the knights used in the past. It is also valid as a surgical procedure, to lance a boil, which means to cut to release poison. In a military mindset, knights - with lances - tend to charge and destroy.
My middle name is Grant, which means give or bestow. If you receive a grant from someone, it is something given and no fee or repayment required.

90% of the time I live in 'grant' mode. When I need to, I swap to Lance mode.

People sometimes ask me what I do. Yet they don't (most of the time) believe my answer until they actually get to know me.
I do just about everything, and I do it well. One thing I am not good at is electronics.

My fields (most used ones) are:-
Fitter and Turner.
Tool and Die Maker.
Machine Design.
Machine Maker.
Drummer ( Jembe )

I think that gives you a reasonable introduction of what I do.

But my main 'purpose' in this lifetime, is being a seed planter. I plant mind/spiritual/metaphysics seeds.

Most of the people in this world (at least the ones that like to call themselves 'civilised') are so fast asleep, they consider honest truth as lies and madness. They do not really want to wake up, because the first thing that means is that they have to admit that they are responsible for the sad state the world is in.

So since they cannot hear truth directly, the small seeds slowly grow and force them to actually start thinking, start being honest, start saying what they mean and meaning what they say. While they are asleep, they are trustworthy for only one thing, that they will lie.

My aim is to find other people who are eager to live in a world of awake people. People that live here, now. Not in their dreams of a tomorrow that will never be, or their regrets of their yesterdays that are gone like water under the bridge.

Let me know if you are interested in doing things - positive things - in the now that do wake people up without turning them into angry anti-conspiracy lunatics.

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