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Originally Posted by AmigoKumeyaay View Post
What about Smallpox, and other diseases? which side will have that as a weapon?
It evens out. The Europeans had more diseases because of their large population densities, unsanitary living conditions (new evidence showed that eating rats helped induce the Black Plague, which may have been air born), and their domesticated animals (a huge amount of modern diseases actually came from animals we have domesticated. )

So they have diseases. The Anowarkowans have more domesticated animals (so more of a basis for inducing diseases and building a broader immune system) but are also a lot cleaner (they bathe more, I am not sure if Plain's Natives bathed more then Europeans, but North-Easterners claim they did and I bet they are right) and they have better medical technology. They actually bring better medical technology to the Medievals, who at this time, according to forensics, are one-two feet shorter then the average person (save for the nobility), have horrible teeth, bent backs and broken ribs (indicative of a lifestyle of harsh labor and violence), and show general malnourishment.

Keep in mind, Medieval medicine was so bad at this time, one Muslim scholar wrote to fix a head ache they poked a hole in a person's skull during the crusades to "let the demon out."

Overall, the disease favors the Anowarkowans, but only slightly (I actually have fun with this and make up diseases of my own with weird effects) but not as much as it id with regards to the Europeans vs the Native Americans in real life.

Part of this is I want to show the cultural interactions.

As for Genghis Khan, he once filled an entire moat up with woman and children to help his army across a deep moat into a castle. I do not personally like Genghis Khan.
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