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Originally Posted by OLChemist View Post
First, welcome to

To misquote Yogi Berra -- it's Groundhog Day all over again.

Please read, particularly the stuff I wrote in the first thread about sources of symbols identified as Native and appropriation:

Another contravercial tattoo question.

The Mountain symbol?

A question about tattoos

As for the link in your post, well what can I say about a 1500 word summary of the religious diversity of Native North America... Superficial springs to mind.

Let me illustrate: I read this really cool webpage about this European religion. They have lots of demigods that you pray to for different things, like San Francesco d'Assisi for protecting animals. And there is a goddess named Virgin Mary. They have a ceremony where they believe they eat the body of one of their gods.

Did I miss a few things? Did I distort the heck out of major cultural influence in the West?

Our cultures are not easily known. There is no book or webpage or "Takes-American-Express shaman" that can give you a true insight into our ways and beliefs. We guard these things jealously and do not readily share them with outsiders. Not out of racism or spite, but because our original instructions and ethical systems teach respect and caution around the sacred, by restricting religious knowledge to those who need to know.

To learn a portion of the teachings of a single tribe takes us a lifetime. It takes outsiders years of exposure and community acceptance to gain an understanding of aspects of a community's lifeways. What you get on the web is at best a faint reflection, at worst a lie.

Consider then whether:

1) You have a right to use our symbols (should you actually have stumbled on a legitimate one)?

2) You want to go to the grave with a lie or incomplete truth written on your flesh?

I think that was a fantastic response, and I want to thank you for your insight. I think it would be more appropriate for me to create my own image from my life and experiences to represent what harmony and balance means to me as an individual.
Thank you! -Jack
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