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Should i attach my breechcloth and,side tabs like this?

Originally Posted by scottlollar View Post
Let's see... when fully suited up, I'm wearing 4 belts, I think? It's a bit extremem, but it works.
I have one belt that I put my leggings on - a small nylon webbing belt.
I have one belt that has aprons and side-tabs on it - it's a standard leather belt with two-prong buckle.
I have another belt to go over my shirt - plain black leather with my USMC dress blues belt buckle on it.
then a nylon webbing belt less than 1" wide for the bustle.

I put the side tabs and aprons on the same belt because adding a 5th belt in there would have been extreme and crazy! But, I do know quite a few people who attach their bustles to the concho belt, and put leggings, aprons, and side-tabs all on the same belt - that way they only have 2 belts on at any time. Some of those guys tie on their aprons and leggings, instead of using a belt, so they only have the bustle/concho belt to worry with.

Just thought I'd offer some more ideas...
Should i sew my side tabs to my leather belt but then cut the breechcloth in half and sew the front half on my belt then for the back i make it so i can run a leather thong through the back half of the breechcloth and tie it under my belt?

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