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Artifacts and Tools - TX Farm


Before I continue, please know that I mean no offense to anyone. I don't know much about Native American cultures beyond what I learned in school, so please forgive me if I cause offense.

I'd like to start by introducing myself: My name is Jesse, and I'm 31 years old. I was born and raised in Dallas, TX. As far as ancestry, I'll soon learn a lot more than I currently know (genetics testing), but from my mother's side I'm German, Swedish, and Scottish. There is also a small percentage of Native American (my mother's grandma, I believe). I think she was Cherokee (100%, or close to it I guess). But there is almost no paper trail for her, so we don't know much else about her.

So, I recently visited the family farm, which has been in our family for a little over a century. It is in Commanche, Texas. My family and my neighbors over the years have found hundreds (or more) of Native American stone tools (arrowheads, tomahawk blades, things of the sort). While visiting, I was walking from the gate to the farm house and found what looks to be a large skinning tool (I honestly have no idea what it was really for; skinning tool is just a guess from its appearance). I started wondering how many more of these and other little treasures (I don't mean monetarily--I mean culturally) are spread out across the land.

I was considering doing some excavations sometime to see what I can find, and donating the findings to the appropriate entity (tribal museum, perhaps?). Or inviting a team of local Native Americans to come out? But I'm not sure what--if anything--would be appropriate, especially when considering the fact that stumbling across human remains, which may or may not be Native American, is always a possibility.

Is this an endeavor I can/should pursue, or should I just leave things be?

Thank you :)
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