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Originally Posted by milehighsalute View Post
one idea you suggested may be appropriate

not sure what part of texas your farm is in.....but try to find out which tribe once populated the area and then we can help give you contact info on tribal offices of descendants and politely invite them to survey your land

they may say it has cultural significance and ask you to agree not to sell it to harmful entities....tribes are usually reasonable when someone is willing to work with them

and the good part is....if it is significant you can probably save you and your neighbors from a pipeline or a pit-mine in the future and keep the area as farmland and woodland
The farm is between Proctor and Comanche City and resides in Comanche County, about two hours south of Fort Worth (just off of Highway 377).

Unfortunately, I have zero legal claim to the farm for now. My mom and her brother, my uncle, are the owners. My uncle and his wife, very kind and great people, actually reside on the farm and have no intention of selling. However, my mom has been a little...crazy... since her recent divorce. She now is planning to sell two substantial pieces ( 25-30%?) of the farmland. The latter is one of the reasons I wanted to ask about artifacts. These pieces of land will be sold, and who knows what will happen after that. The land will most likely be used for farming or orchards (pecan fields, for example).

Being that my mom is now typically in an unreasonable, irrational state of mind, I'm hesitant to even consider bringing this up to her. However, I would gladly bring it up to my uncle. I'll bet he would love the idea of having the local tribe come out and survey the land.

And you do bring up a good point. The government already took a substantial chunk of our farm land (15%?) in order to build a reservoir. My grandfather (or my mom's grandfather?) was forced to accept a very small sum of money for the land... This also happened to my father and grandfather (in a separate instance) for a railraod... They were given 15% of the actual value of the land. Eminent Domain...

Anyway, when I get more information I will talk to my uncle :)
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