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Originally Posted by OLChemist View Post
At the risk of enhancing my reputation as a general meanie, I invite you to consider irony of complaining about having your lands seized by government on a Native American website.
I guess I'm not allowed to mention things that have happened recently in my family in a legitimate and relevant response to someone's comment because it parallels history. How insensitive of me to trigger your delicate sensibilities.

Also, you do realize that I'm not the U.S. government? And I have never had any affiliation with the U.S. government or its operations? And neither has my immediate family? So, if anything, should you not be sympathetic to someone whose land was taken by the U.S. government? Or is it only relevant if you're Native American? For anyone else it's somehow deserved because they weren't born on a reservation?

And I'm fairly certain there was a good bit of tribal warfare over land... You know, that pesky thing that has happened everywhere throughout history?

But it appears that my good intentions are not well received here. So I'll go.
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