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Native American soldiers in WWI

I happened across a Smithsonian channel show called Americans Underground Secret City of WWI. Mostly it's about an underground quarry used as a bunker by American troops and a really interesting story in its own right, but they find places where the soldiers carved things into the stone walls. Some look like Native American themes and sure enough there were Passamaquody (probably spelling that wrong) tribal members who volunteered to go to war and they ended up in France. So there's a story of how that happened and what the carvings are....They also have a pretty cool follow up with current members of the tribe, many of whom are also vets.

Anyway, I thought it was amazing to think of these young men living in a stone bunker during a world war, making their mark there in the walls, and it's still there. To add a twist, they couldn't even vote in America at the time.

VIDEO: What Do Native American Carvings in French WWI Quarries Mean? from Americans Underground: Secret City of WWI | Smithsonian Channel
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