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Germans always been too hurtful to me, so I stay away from them.
And then I called the landlord because I have no electricity in my kitchen, they told me to call the emergency hotline, that woman from the emergency hotline told me that having no light and electricity is not considered an emergency and she will by no means contact an electrician to repair it now. It is not an emergency because the stove still got power, oh, and half of the living room has no electricity either but it is not an emergency in her eyes and I will have to wait until Tuesday so the caretaker of the premises can call up an electrician and who knows when that person will come to repair it. That means I will have to sit without light and no power sockets in the kitchen for a whole week but still having to pay rent. Christian holidays have to pass by first, after that I may get help. It's nasty having to have my fridge pushed into my bedroom so I can get at least that one running and my foods won't have to go bad anything.
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