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Cutting hair and the phases of the moon

Originally Posted by Toltec Nagual View Post

The Lunar Hair Chart

Cut and wash your hair according to the Mayan Calendar to grow thick long hair.

Although the Mayan Calendar became obsolete in August of 2005 (two thousand and five), this hair care method can still be used.

Native American hair grows best when maintained on the "New Moon" because the Native American kidney responds to kidney yin deficiency and the new moon is Yin time of the month.

I mention this because the "Full Moon" is the yang time of the month which corresponds to kidney yang deficiency. People of Hispanic/Mexican/South American lineage have hair that responds to the "Full Moon" kidney yang deficiency.

The concept of Yin/Yang deficiency comes from Traditional Chinese Medicine:

Find the hair growth calendar for each month here: Lunar Hair Care

Information of Mayan Calendar hair care is here: The Lunar Hair Chart - Morrocco Method

The Lunar Hair Chart

For centuries, humans have followed the moon’s cycles to determine when to plant and harvest crops. Planting during a particular lunar cycle determines what the crop will yield. In other words, whether a farmer plants his seeds during a full moon, a new moon, or the waning or waxing moons influences whether the crops are bountiful or sparse. This same practice can be applied to your hair. It’s called Lunar Hair Care.

Whatever intention you may have for your hair — thicken, root work, strengthen, lengthen, or beautify — you can achieve the goal by coordinating when you cut your hair with the lunar cycle.

What is the Lunar Hair Chart?

The Lunar Hair Chart is created from the wisdom and math of the Farmer’s Almanac, Western Astrology and the Mayan Lunar Calendar for optimizing hair cutting. The chart utilizes the moon’s natural cycle and applies it to hair care. In conjunction with the Blunt Snip technique this provides the ultimate hair cutting result for any hair type. The Lunar Hair Chart highlights days each month that promote five hair goals:
Thicken – Earth – Want fuller hair? Thicken promotes the activation of new growth cycles in the hair follicles.
•Root Work – Water – Cutting on a root work day shocks the entire growth cycle and reinvigorates hair at the scalp and deeper at the follicle level. Much like the enriched soil of a plant, a healthy scalp provides a good foundation for naturally healthy hair.
•Strengthen – Fire – Strengthen is a popular goal for those wanting to avoid premature hair fall. Cutting your hair on these dates reinforces roots, bulbs and follicles of your hair, producing stronger, more resilient hair.
•Lengthen – Air – Cutting or trimming on these dates stimulates your hair’s natural growth patterns, causing your hair to grow much faster over the following days.
•Beautify – Ether – These lunar days are used to improve the texture and sheen of one’s hair. Beautifying also works to enhance and refine the waviness of one’s hair.

Cutting on a specific date will promote that specific hair goal. The most powerful dates to cut hair are on the Lunar Hair Chart’s full moons, solstices, and equinoxes. Some goals have two or three possible dates — while all three are good, pick whichever one is closest to the Lunar Hair Chart’s Full Moon for optimum results.

You might notice these dates don’t sync with the astrological calendar. This is because modern calendars are based on a 12 moon cycle, and the Mayan Lunar Calendar uses 13 moon phases. The Lunar Hair Chart is optimized for haircutting.

Lunar Goal Combinations
Like our shampoos, it is crucial to rotate your hair goals to keep your hair healthy and to optimize your haircuts. Rotating with Root Work insures that you have a solid foundation. Here are some goal combinations for various results:
•For Hair Loss: Strengthen, Thicken, Root Work
•For Longer Hair: Lengthen, Root Work
•For Thicker Hair: Thicken, Beautify, Root Work
•For More Natural Wave: Beautify, Root Work

Acupuncture Treatments

Each date is the equivalent to a number of acupuncture treatments for hair health, increasing exponentially on the date chosen:
•Average Cutting Day: 6-10
•Full Moon: 8-12
•Solstice/Equinox: 10-15
•Full Moon & Solstice/Equinox: 12-16

(Acupuncture treatment is employed in Traditional Chinese Medicine)

When Do I Cut?

Deciding when to cut your hair depends on your intention. The lunar cycle offers five choices each month, one for each hair goal. For whatever you’re trying to accomplish with your hair, coordinating your hair cutting with one of these dates optimizes results. Solstices and equinox are particularly beneficial to your hair health. But keep in mind that dates change month-to-month; so make sure you keep to your unique schedule, and work with the Morrocco Method’s Lunar Calendar here.

Time Zones and Hemispheres

We have calculated the Lunar Hair Chart for three different time zones: North America, UK, Europe and Australia, assuming you are going to cut your hair between 8 am and 8 pm.

If you are located in the Southern Hemisphere — Australia or Brazil, for instance — California’s Summer Solstice would be your Winter Solstice, California’s Spring Equinox your Fall Equinox, and vice versa. You would still cut your hair on this very powerful date, but you might have different rituals or observances to go with the season.

How Do I Cut?

For optimal results, combine the Lunar Hair Care method with the Blunt Snip Haircutting Technique. Whether you cut your hair yourself or employ a professional hair stylist, the Blunt Snip Technique banishes the razor effect, which creates thin ends and frees your hair of split and dead ends, helping to promote healthy growth. For more on the Blunt Snip Haircutting Technique, click here.

Important Things to Remember…

Just as there are days that promote hair growth, cutting your hair on particular days can retard your progress towards your goal. Cutting your hair on certain days can potentially make your hair grow slower, not unlike planting a seed in winter and expecting it to grow. And remember to take pride in your hair. A trip to the salon is not a gossip-session; it’s a time to relax and let a professional help you on the path to perfect hair. Surrender your precious locks only to competent, conscientious, and experienced hair professionals; somebody who can envision your goal, make it happen, and most importantly knows when to stop!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does my birthday have anything to do with lunar-based haircuts?

A: If the cycle falls directly on your birthday, by all means do the cut on that day for optimum results! Otherwise, choose the most convenient date noted on the calendar.

Q: Can I trim my hair on a non-Lunar date?

A: Dates not on the Lunar Hair Chart are considered the best days for retarding hair growth. So these are ideal for waxing, plucking and shaving unwanted hair.

Q: Will my hair improve if I just use the Lunar Hair Chart and nothing else?

A: Cutting your hair is just one aspect of healthy hair care. Think of Morrocco Method as spokes in a Wheel to optimum hair health. Using MM products, cutting your hair properly, eating a nutritional diet, and keeping stress down are spokes in a wheel that create the greatest structural integrity for hair health.

Q: The date I wanted to cut was yesterday! Can I cut my hair still?

A: It is better just to wait for the next date on the Lunar Hair Chart than to cut off the chart.

To get your Lunar Hair Chart, please visit:

Words from the Hair Shaman:

Think of your head of hair as a work of art—to which the artisan must apply enough skill and respect to stop when creation is complete. Making a conscious decision to quiet your mind beforehand and/or doing silent meditation during the session are much more preferable to what usually goes on at a salon.

If you politely explain to the hair professional that you’d like a tranquil atmosphere, he or she will understand. Many of them welcome a change from the chatter and nerve-wracking decibel levels so prevalent in modern salons! You could ask for an appointment before or after normal business hours.

While doing research in Central America, I studied with respected shamans. These healers, who preserve mythic traditions of their indigenous kinsmen, are specifically trained to understand the subtleties of the moon’s energy field. I observed that the moon’s influence appears in every culture worldwide. The Farmer’s Almanac contains detailed lunar phase data which is used all across the country to determine best times for crop irrigation, sowing and reaping.

Even home hobbyists know that pruning their gardens on certain days leads to more bountiful blooms. While integrating the moon’s phases into hair care is not entirely unknown, I succeeded in developing Morrocco Method to incorporate previously undocumented practices from around the world. Initially, I sought to investigate the principles for the sole benefit of my personal hair care clients. But I was later compelled to carefully record each methodology for inclusion in my comprehensive Morrocco Method educational system.
Below is a testimonial which shows what a person needs to consider when washing or trimming their hair:


Fairlight63 said:May 4th, 2011 11:29 AM

Re: Cutting hair by the phases of the moon.

I found this on the internet that I thought was interesting:

[This info is from a book called Living By The Moon, by Ute York.

a hairstylist who worked according to the moon phases for fifteen yrs. sites these observations:

Hair is an energy carrier. Hair is as sensitive as it's owner and needs a certain vibration in order to feel well. The best day for cutting/trimming is the third day after a new moon and the third day before a full moon. On these days the hair does not lose any energy.

If the ends are trimmed on these 2 days, it will continue growing without impedance.

He has found that when men regularly get hair cut with the moon in the sign of Leo, their hair improves and becomes stronger. I think this would work the same with women.

American astrologer Linda Goodman says, "if you want your hair short then continue cutting during the full moon; it will not grow back as fast. However if you want it to grow back quickly, trim regularly at the new moon, even just a tiny bit. Then you will realize your hair is growing much faster.

Never cut hair when moon is in virgo. If you want your hair to grow faster cut it when moon is in Cancer or Pisces in the 1st or 2nd quarter.
If you want it to grow slower, cut it when moon is in Aries, Gemini or Virgo in the 3rd or 4th quarter, with Saturn opposing moon or square.
To make it grow thicker, cut when moon is full, or,when it's in opposition to the sun in the signs of taurus, cancer, or leo up to and on the full moon.

My hair has been to my hips 5 1/2 times in my life this being the almost 6th...
I always trim it on either the evening before a new moon or on the new moon itself. Always in a water sign... and some time in the sign of Gemini because I read some where that Gemini cutting would be twice as fast (???) And My bangs on a full moon so as not to grow as fast...
works for me.... ]

The end of what I found on a different website that is not the Lunar Hair Care Chart website
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