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Originally Posted by Toolbox View Post
Regalia is personal and the shapes and designs are up to the person wearing it - so long as you don't copy designs that don't belong to you or your tribe or family and so long as you don't look like some hokey wannabe. My grass outfits have aprons that come to an inward point on the bottom /\ shaped. I've seen some that have multiple points, some that are rounded, and some that are straight cut. I think your design would be neat looking and fairly unique and certainly noticeable.

Materials can be anything. Most people just go to the fabric store and get whatever sturdy material fits their design. I use non-stretching cotton based fabric and I've seen others use satins and other materials. For fringe you can use ribbon or yarn. I don't use a cape and I don't think many people use them as much anymore. My ribbon is part of my shirt and I also have ribbon around my aprons and pants as well. I have fringed the leather on my cuffs, which is the only fringe that isn't ribbon.

There are many threads on here about making grass dance outfits in our Grass Dance forums: Grass Dancing - Forums - Native American Culture Look at threads started or posted in by a user "sookout sh'nob"
Originally Posted by Toolbox View Post
I mean like people that copy the Hollywood style - think boy scout version. Generic would be a good term as well. They are people that buy premade Chinese beadwork from sites like Crazy Crow. Outfits are a labor of love and to be frank - they are expensive and time consuming to make.
I see what you are saying, yes, I definitely do not want to make my regalia Hollywood. Yeah, regalia is a labor of love for sure. My designs will be my clan and clan house emblem's. Including some of my great, great aunt's beading patterns I think.
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