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Very Unique SItuation

Let me start by saying that I know I do not have the right to currently call myself Native American. That it is more than DNA and blood but a culture and community.

With that said, I grew up not knowing who my father was. On top of that, my mother did not know who her father was. As a result, I knew very little about my heritage.

Last April, now 37, I took an Ancestry DNA test. I have since uploaded my results to other sites and my Native American ancestry DNA ranged from %48-%56 depending on site. So I finally asked my mother about my father. She told me she met him while living in Oklahoma, gave me his name and city of birth. After 8-straight hours of research I was able to find him and his daughter was a match on FamilyTreeDNA a few weeks later.

His mother was 100% and father was 50%. After further research my mom had a grandfather on dawes but at a much less percentage. So I have become consumed with research and study. I had no idea how bad they Natives were currently mistreated.

**I want my family to understand and embrace their culture and heritage. My youngest are even learning to speak Choctaw. However, I don't think I can ever join a tribe or get a CDIB card (which I would only want if needed to join a tribe). However, I doubt my father will go on my birth certificate and don't know if it is possible or would matter. His wife has not been excited about the news of me. My mothers father is dead.

Do I have any options. I know I don't need it to teach and train my children but I also have a longing to belong. I know 99% of benefits people think Natives get are BS and of the 1% I want none. I just want to belong to and fight with the people of my heritage.
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