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Originally Posted by LizBrokenArrow View Post
Hi Everyone. Anyone know any of the locations of any Taino Tribes? I am looking for Cheif names or the names of anyone you may know who is active in their tribe, addresses, phone numbers, email address, anything that can help me connect with a live person. I'm especially interested in the Taino Tribes & active organizations of Puerto Rico. Nothing is coming up in google searches or anywhere else.

These are the names of the Taino Tribes:
1- Taino
2- Boriken Taino
3- Kiskeia Taino
4- Bohio Taino
5- Hibaro Taino
6- Sibonel Taino
7- Kuba Taino
8- Guahiro Taino
9- Hamaika Taino
10- Yamaye Taino
11- Taino Arawak
12- Kalinago
13- Karib
14- Lokono

Peace & Blessings
14. Lokono - Arawaks in Suriname and Guyana
12/13. Karib and kalinago are the same thing. They're in Dominica and are not arawaks
11. Taino Arawak is someone who is Taino. Also known as Island Arawaks but quite a few tainos just say Taino Arawak
10. Yamaye Taino - tainos from jamaica, usually mountain area
8 & 9 - Most likely Boriken Tainos but I'm not too sure
7. Cuban Taino
6. "Cave dwelers" Tainos from Western Cuba
5. Idk
4. Bohio means "home" not specific to any country of Taino descendents. This is not a tribe or people.
3. Dominican Taino
2. Puerto Rican Taino
1. Tainos are native to the Carribbean, heketiwa, we are one.

There is more to being Taino than just the blood. Always remember that.

The ones that I say "idk" to are very uncommonly heard. I spend alot of time reviving the language with other people along with helping others understand the culture so I speak based off what I know

None of these groups of people have reservations though you can find a significant population in the mountains.

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