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Originally Posted by eagleclanriverband View Post
Honestly, I was put off by all your Christian proselytizing in your earlier posts; so I chose to stay quiet. But I feel the need to speak up now because I think you are being misled by whatever group you filled out an application for “tribal registration” to.

I hope you understand that there is NO Taino & Carib Indian Tribe that is legally US Federally Recognized and that the PR Commonwealth Govt. does not officially recognize any Taino/Arawak & Carib Tribe on the Island either. This has nothing to do with your family & who your ancestors were. All PR Tainos aren't legally recognized by the BIA as an American Indian Tribe.

There are a number of Taino “social friendship clubs”, “cultural organizations” & “political action groups” (they call themselves different things); NONE of these groups/entities can offer you “tribal enrollment” that is LEGALLY considered by the US Govt./BIA to be as belonging to a US Federally Recognized American Indian Tribe.

The membership you are buying is basically no different than Sam’s Club or a gym membership. It’s akin to paying a fee to become a member of the Girl Scouts kind of thing. For example, I have ZERO Taino blood & if I pay $30/person to the United Confederation of Taino People, they would give me a membership & issue me what they call a “tribal id”.

There are a number of for-profit corporations & non-profit charities that use weasel words to make it look like they offer “tribal enrollment” in their "official registry" or what they call an "affiliate" to their "inter-tribal indigenous nations", but these are basically scams in that they cannot offer you membership/enrollment in any US Federally Recognized American Indian/Native American Tribe.

BTW…The reason why there are no reservations in PR & no treaties with Taino/Arawak/Caribs is because the US Military invaded, took it over & occupied Puerto Rico during the Spanish/American War in1898. After the war, the US Govt. acquired it as a possession from Spain as a concession.
I have seen a few groups do this. It annoys me so much.
Also, for many years tainos were thought to be dead because the Spanish stopped counting and just said they're all dead.
But DNA tests prove otherwise. So many tainos are aware that there is more to being Taino than just the blood and decided to not only show people that we exist but bring our culture back and our language :)
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