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Pushy women

German females seem to play a stupid game (don't know if it happens in other countries too). You go shopping and stand in front of an aisle. At least five meters to your left and to your right is no one else, then any woman comes along and tries to force you "out of your shoes" means, she wants to stand exactly there where your feet are standing to look at the items on the shelves.

It's not an excemption but happens as good as always. Don't dare to speak to the woman, she will react aggressive in words. Just move on, even though you have not finished looking for your item. And if you won't move they will slightly push their shopping basket against your body or their shoulder bag, whatever. And since it happens almost always, it stays in mind and if you try to tell this to any other woman you may know, she will say something like: Funny, how come this never happens to me?
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