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Originally Posted by Joe's Dad View Post
You don't learn...

There are over 500 tribes on Turtle Island. Can you be tribal specific, In other words, can you specifically name the tribes that used tipis. An example: Can you show me a photo of a buffalo in Florida AND name the tribes. Was there buffalo where the longhouse was predominant? Did the Dine and Apache Nde use tipis? What was the geographic location of the Cherokee? What did they use for their tipis?

Do you know any stories of the origin of the pipe? What material was the bowl made of? Did the use rock, wood, etc. for the stem? Which of the over 500 tribes used a pipe?

Going back in my tipi.
The Sioux and Cheyennes used tipi's and the Nez-perce and Comanches to, i believe.
There are no buffalo's in Florida and it belonged to the Seminoles.
The Apaches lived in wickiups and the Navajo's in adobe buildings.
The Cherokee lived near the Ohio river near Washington.

I don't know the origin of the pipe but the bowl was made of red clay, holy clay.I think they used wood for the stem.
I don't know how many tribes used a sacred pipe and who.I'm not an expert.Most likely the tribes that lived on the prairi.

That's all i can say so out of my head.
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