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Originally Posted by OLChemist View Post
What people don't seem to realize is back in 1491, many people in the Americas were settled town and city dwellers. Life in those communities would have been familiar to the farm-folk of much of Europe. Except that the New World lacked species docile and large enough for domestication as beasts of burden, so man power still ruled the farm. (And by and large we believed regular bathing was a good thing, as opposed Europeans of the era who only changed clothes occasionally throughout year.) But People in both worlds lived lives of hard hard work. Farming was and is still one of the most dangerous occupations.

But, I suspect that the life of commoner working on a farm and herding llama in the Andes or of a valuable man working his corn and squash in the fields below Mishongnovi is NOT what you had in mind. Based on the imagery you invoked in your early posts, I bet you fancy life as a Oglala or Cheyenne hunter and warrior. Let's look at that life in the back then before the European reintroduced the horse to the Americas.

You walked -- everywhere. You carried your weapons, clothes, family home, food stores, and other belongings on your back and the backs of your women, children and dogs. The powerful Arikara, Ponca, Omaha, Pawnee, Mandan and Hidatsa hadn't yet been decimated by introduced disease. They held the fertile river bottoms with fields and fortified earth lodge villages. They competed with you for the buffalo and other game, which you hunted on foot with stone and wood tools. They would more than occasionally make you regret crossing their lands in search of resources.

The sick and weak died in childhood. Old age came early. The old died when they became arthritic or otherwise infirm, sometimes by their own hand for the good of their kin. You had few opportunities for mistakes as you learned, as they were usually fatal. This was life without a safety net.

You would spend every minute not seeking or processing food and defending your kin, making the tools for your survival. You had no boss or clock, but you had to submit yourself to good of the tiyospaye, in a way that I doubt the modern western person would find easy or pleasant.
Thank you for all this information.Yes, life was a struggle for your people and mine.Maybe i have to change my mind.
Like as said before, we suffered also a lot over here.Overpopulation,desease, starvation, that's why they came to your country" The land of milk and honey" so they believed.

I think it's the fault of the moviemakers pretending life was so good back then.Like"Dances with Wolves" and "A man called horse"also "The last of the Dogman".These are great movies, maybe not in your eyes.Don't know.

But i still love your beautiful people and feel sad about what happend to you.

Thanks again for opening my eyes.
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