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Originally Posted by Josiah View Post
The report u received from actually says your Cherokee? Or you self identify as Cherokee? For I bet you could not take that paperwork and actually register with a Federal Tribe. My next question is if your great uncle is 5/8th wouldn’t that also make your Grandfather or Grandmother the same??
My entire point with these blind tests is they are not useful to prove anything other than you posses hapalo group markers that may indicate you belong to one of 5 groups that has been identified as Native American but not what member of the 566 tribes in the United States! They do not prove that you are the descendant
Indeed, these DNA tests cannot trace your ancestry down to a cultural level. Hell, I'd argue that this is impossible, since culture is just a social construct that doesn't involve biological aspects and requirements.

There was this one DNA test that claims it can trace down the specific Native American culture(s) you descend from somehow. I used to feel thrilled and accepted the idea that this DNA test could pinpoint your cultural ancestry, but now I'm skeptical.

So the usual ancestry DNA test, such as AncestryDNA and 23andme are only useful for determining racial ancestry as there are some biological aspects involved in race; DNA is a biological aspect. Not to mention race is a largely broader classification for humans than ethnicity/culture.

Originally Posted by Joe's Dad View Post
When did theory become fact? Explain the Bering Strait Fact.
To be fair, while the BST isn't 100% fact, it's still supported by plenty of evidence that scholars claim it's the most likely origins of the first human presence (and the first "Native Americans") in the Americas.

So what do you think of the theory? Do you find it unlikely and consider another theory on how humans appeared in the Americas?
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