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re-entering fancy dancing after many years need help beading

Good evening everyone, please forgive the long email....

I am hoping for a blessing from someone. I have been out of the dance scene for quite a few years. I am building a totally new costume. I am starting a new set of beadwork to go with my new costume. I have been putting this part off because I have a couple of issues going on with my hands. They won't hold the small beading needle much longer than 30-45mnts hour. Have ran ad's here & there for someone who beads part time and is affordable.

I have to bead two strips that will be 3"W x 48"L. I printed off some beading graph paper and I had already had my design in my mind.

I was 20 rows into beading and figured it wasn't 3" wide. I am using 10/0 silver lined beads. I am trying to figure out what went wrong. I have been researching last 3 hours and finally came up a measurement. How do all of you do it. I am coming up with about 16 beads side to side equals a inch(1"), is that close? So I want my beadwork to be 3" wide, I need 48 beads to make 3" correct? What beading graph paper do I need to use? Guess I will like be starting over.
Have 1 other problem, I don't know how to post pics or I would post my cuffs design on paper. Cuffs are bigger at back gets smaller towards the front, cuff size are to be 91/2" wide in front, 121/2" wide in back, and 7" long front to back, every 5 rows I'm adding a bead to each side go 5 rows down add another bead to each side. so that makes the front row 154 wide, back row at 200 beads wide. Am I any where close to getting this correct? Can anyone help without burning me at the stake? My new cuff graph paper design will be nearly 30" x 30" I have it cut out already, is everyone else's pattern usually that big? Thanks to anyone that will give some good critique, please limit negative comments we all have to start out somewhere, thanks and have a great night and good week.

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