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Originally Posted by OLChemist View Post
Bear with me. Despite what you might think, I am actually quite sympathetic. But, I've seen the other side too.

For the record, I look like a fat white woman. Nor do I have a card. If I did, I'd give it up for someone with whom to practice my language.

In the 50's through the 70's even into '80's my people were fairly open to seekers -- native and non and Cherokee Princess great-great-grandmother. What they got in exchange was sacrilege, New-Age books, human remains sprinkled over their sacred sites... Shall I continue?

The modern reality is tribes have limited resources -- economic, cultural and human. Many tribes face existential crises. They must marshal these first to their enrolled citizens.

"Hechel lena oyate kin nipi kte." Too many who come think only of themselves. Their mindset is not oriented to the tribe. In ceremony it is about what they get, not what the people get. They are not answerable to kin and community. It takes a lot to bind these bind people, to alter their ethos. Enculturating these folks on a large scale often takes more resources than can be spared.

I want the children of my relations to be able to take calculus in their high schools. I want them to go to school. I want them to be able to talk to their children about algebra, art, history and anything else that strikes their fancy in their language. I want those children to carry the Lakota worldview in the very structures formed in their brains by speaking Lakota first. Then they will know who they are. Then who they are will go with them wherever they want.

That is more important to me than whether thin-blooded i'eska like myself are welcomed.

Really, I'm fairly sure a few of my more pugnacious ancestors would have shot first and asked questions later. They fought Pawnee and Crow as well as whites.

I call this one out as a fine example of the no true Scotman fallacy.

I suspect, I've just had my indigenous bonfides impugned. Won't be the first time :)

I never questioned your identity. Sounds to me like you know who you are. What do you care if people from some other tribe accept you? All that matters is that you're good kin to your people. Do that and others will know you're Native.

The problem that I have is with the people who don't know what tribe they are and make stuff up. There is no generic Native. So, without a tribe these people only have some DNA, which doesn't make a culture.

I never "dissed" anyone. I just cringe over the usage, LOL.
I agree with everything you said 100%. I feel the same way about my boys. I teach them their language and hopefully they can pass it down to their kids. Nice vocab btw..
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