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Originally Posted by OLChemist View Post
I'm trying to understand something I've been seeing in some discussions on recently. A number of folks, who are members of tribe indigenous the areas of the Americas outside the USA, have been discussing the term "Native American." They have been asking and even arguing a bit about the meaning and, by extension, the boundaries of the term. I feel that somehow in folks from tribes outside the US, there is some additional dimension to the term.

So, I ask them:

What does the term "Native American" mean to you?

What does it mean to be included within the definition? Excluded?

Do you assign some political or legal import to being included?
Native american to me is someone native to the Americas. To be included in the definition to me would be to have ancestors who originated on this continent. Excluded? To me excluded would be if your family did not originate on this continent. Of course this all means nothing if you believe in the migration story across the bering strait.
Nothing political or legal about the native question/term, I was just curious how native people from the U.S. viewed people from Mexico guatemala area. In my opinion indigenous people from north america, central america, south america, this entire continent are Native americans. What do you folks think?
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