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Originally Posted by wardancer View Post
Some of us are grumpy ! LOL I'm just not into all this "Politically Correct" bu!!chit ! And I'm just an older , I don't qualify as an Elder . I am Cheyenne , Southern Cheyenne and Arapaho to be exact. I'm not ndn , Indian , Indigenous , Native American , American Native , or American Indian. I am Cheyenne. The P.C. movement has gone over the edge of sanity. People are trying too hard to not hurt somebodies feelings !
If what you say is correct , and I have no reason to believe otherwise , then you sir are from the south. You come from the native population from those areas you mentioned , so apparently that is how you identify. Does it really matter what I think ? I certainly don't care ! I am Cheyenne. I dance Northern Traditional , I am a retired Bricklayer , I build regalia and bead. I try to be as honest and good as modern society allows. That's who I am , no more , no less ! Oh yeah , I consider Joe'sDad to be my friend as well as Ol'C , Subeeds , Gilisi and many others on this site !The world is not so big that powwows.commers don't run into each other from time to time. I have met many members at various powwows around the country. Now you know who I am , and my opinion of the P.C.Movement !~ LOL Now , in my opinion , prior to "discovery" there were NO Such Things as Mexicans ! Only different tribes of people native to that area. There were no borders other than territorial lines defined by those tribes. I'll pizz some more off by saying "in my opinion , that the "Mexican People" of today are only mixed blood natives from being conquered by invaders ! Now , there it is ! LOL
I tried to hit the like button but it didnít work. I actually agree with everything you said.
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