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Originally Posted by JiuJitsuFighter View Post
I agree.. Iím a little sketch on the Mexica thing though lol
Oh my gosh do I have a story but I donít wanna disrespect anyone by sharing it lol but it just happen to me today lmao
Ok now you're just making me even more curious LOL. No need for any trigger warnings in my case, but if it's enough for you to get chased down the street, just hit me up with a PM!

Originally Posted by OLChemist View Post
I keep coming back to this statement. It contains some deeply disturbing implicationsÖ.

I believe linking the social constructs around race and genetics dangerous. Iím not denying that skin color, etc comes from the expression of some very tiny fraction of our genetic material. But, individual human potential is a complex product of genetic expression, familial cultivation, environment and enculturation. The arguments for a genetic vs social foundation for race has a lot of unsettled science and questionable extrapolations. Too often, drawing on incomplete lay understandings and unconscious biases, people link traits like an individualís intelligence, talents and emotional characteristics, and the societal structures and institutions of a population to the same tiny fraction of alleles that are unique to a given genetically-isolated (formerly) population.

These assumptions have led to terrible things in the past. I have no reason to believe that human beings have improved since the last time they isolated, enslaved, sterilized, institutionalized or just plain murdered ďinferiorĒ individuals.
As I mentioned before, you can acknowledge the existence of race without being racist and even be a major advocate against racism. I don't feel the need to address anything else from you, given that I'll just be repeating myself.

Originally Posted by gilisi View Post
That was a lot of words, and pictures just to say we all look alike.
We know!!!
Definitely not for everyone though. Nevertheless, I was interested in doing so to emphasize my point.
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