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Originally Posted by wardancer View Post
Even though we accept you as "Native" within the United States as individuals , there are some 567 Tribes more or less , that are recognized as "Native Americans" by our Federal Government , and so all the literalization of the wording will not change that. So really it doesn't matter what we think individually. Within the U.S. borders the decision has been made for us. As far as the other governments are concerned , you would have to talk to them !
Except that's not at all what I had in mind.

Now that you brought it up, I'll tell you what actually think... I do not care for obtaining federal recognition for us. If I was to push any sort of agenda when it comes to considering Native Americans outside the US, it's more about acknowledging us as all the same race of people. It is much like how indigenous Europeans and their diaspora are usually considered the same race, AKA "White."

Let's not forget the US and virtually all other independent nations (save for Greenland to a certain extent) are products of colonialism; I favor independent Native American nations, with Greenland being the closest example.

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