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Originally Posted by wardancer View Post
I already said that
Only making sure that we're on the same page, plus some added emphasis.

Exactly , and you cannot change the past !
Who said anything about changing the past? Of course you cannot change the past, but you can create the future via the present.

Obviously not the same as you. He is a member here and is from Germany , by your definition "white". In my definition he is German , and he recognizes me as Cheyenne.
Ohhhhhhhh... I exactly see the issue here. You consider culture/nationality/tribe synonymous with race: "culture/nationality/tribe = race" to you, correct?

I would consider him both White and German, as I do not find culture/nationality/tribe the same as race. In other words, I say his race is White and his nationality/culture is German.

Just using a single label to identify one's background is not like me at all.

can honestly say I've never heard of you or your movement. The first I heard of you was when you came in here interjecting yourself into other's conversations without introducing yourself.
Does that seriously grind your gears?!

It's obvious you are much smarter than I. I'll leave this conversation to those more educated.I'm just an older and I am who I am.
That is the last thing I'd expect to hear from you, unless you're just patronizing me.

I'm sorry , I don't believe in that concept. Just like the whiney liberal left , you want everyone to be the same , pan amerindianism buiichit. I am Cheyenne and I know my family , our culture and traditions and our council and our chiefs , our elders. There is no pan amerindianism.
I cannot believe you're comparing it to liberalism. You do realize pan-Amerindianism far predates the existence of liberals, especially the modern stock that I and plenty of others highly criticize? Furthermore, Tecumseh and his campaign against the settlers is the earliest example of this concept.

Anyhow, pan-Amerindianism isn't about everyone becoming the same, especially in my case. It comes in multiple forms, you know? It does not seek to assimilate all Native American cultures into one single culture and in any other degenerate, inconsiderate manner if that's what you're thinking.

My movement's pan-Amerindianism is more complicated than that and I make sure to think it through with plenty of care.

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