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Originally Posted by Red Heathen View Post
This is my first post. Hello everybody.
So glad you finally came to join us! You used to have an account here though, until the temporary "shutdown," right?

I don't really like the idea of a label and gave up reading all the science stuff back on page two. Although I've said I'm Native, and I grew up with hearing "we're Indian", If I was going to identify myself, then I'd say I'm Chahta.

We are various nations, and many of us, or at the very least, our ancestors, do not share the same beliefs, stories, languages, etc. There are similarities sometimes if you look, but to just be grouped as one tribe is odd unless we are simply talking about being One Tribe.
When I claim we're all "Native American," including ALL indigenous folks of the Americas (includes all of Latin America, Canada, USA without Hawaii, Caribbean, and Greenland) was not categorizing us into "one tribe." It was in a fairly different context of categorization that I hoped all of us in the discussion could fully comprehend and agree upon. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case thus far.

The true context of "Native American" in my posts is categorization in terms of race. I elaborated thoroughly in one or two of them over this context. This isn't something I solely apply to us. I apply them to other racially distinct populations we're all aware of, such as White/Caucasian and Black/Sub-saharan African.

Furthermore, we all know there are plenty of distinct societies and nations within the White/Caucasian race that originates from Europe. This fact still doesn't negate the racial identity, especially as race does not depend solely on cultural similarities, but is primarily based on biological characteristics.

Long story short, "tribe ≠ race," in my context at least.

"Native American" is for government use. I haven't really ever said that I am Native American, either, or at least not to my knowledge. I strive not to. Native, sure. Something about Native American gets to me. It's like African AMerican or any other X-American, while there is no WHITE American.
I usually only use it to identify my and the "indigenous peoples of the Americas" race in my case (no rhyme intended).

As for no "White" American, I'm sure you don't mean it literally and are just trying to make a point. I still feel like throwing it out in case you're interested:

This thing about natives all basically look the same or share characteristics...I'm not sure about that either. Sure you can see it a lot of times, but really always? It's not uncommon for people in my tribe to be tall. Our ancestral chief was guesstimated at or just over seven feet tall when DeSoto found them in 1539. This was first contact in NA, so there was no interracial rape to account for that. My dad is six foot one. My cousin is six foot three. Those aren't heights you usually associate with a lot of peoples that aren't from the Northeast or even in the Southeast.

I'm Native. I'm Chahta. I don't worry about haplotypes.
There are definitely certain physiological characteristic we share that can make us distinguishable from other commonly heard of races, such as White/Caucasian and Black as I mentioned before. There can still be physiological variations within the same race as well, height being a perfect one. Notice how Caucasians in Northern Europe tend to be taller than the ones in Southern Europe. This doesn't diminish my claims though as far as I'm concerned; height obviously isn't the only physiological characteristic to consider.

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