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Hello LizBrokenArrow
The comfort of your family is in my thoughts.

I hope they have plenty of food and clean drinking water. I hope they are dry and warm.

I know a dry and warm tent is more comfortable than being in a wet and cold tent. It can be worth moving a tent site a bit further just to get the morning sun earlier.

A nylon tent fly isn't very waterproof so a tarpaulin / plastic sheet can be stretched out above a tent as another roof. That will keep the tent dry and using poles or rope to hold the plastic above the tent fly so there is a gap between them for air circulation.

Scrunching the plastic around a pebble stone makes somewhere to tie the rope to.

A bicycle or car tyre tube can be cut into strips and used on one end of each of the tie back ropes so it can stretch and the plastic can move with the wind and not tear apart.

A small trench dug around a tent will help keep the ground dry underneath the tent being away from rain water running along the ground and soaking.

If the plastic is larger than the tent it gives more room outside to be under during rain.

It's amazing the difference a sheet of plastic can make.
I wanted to share that with you.

Houses can be repaired or dismantled and rebuilt with the good parts
Learning the land and the places to find food and resources takes time, even generations.

Like finding a specific location on a river that has a good chance of catching a fish and then looking for more places with good chances so you don't end up overfishing the same spot.

Using a net might be better than a fishing line but knowing different ways to make fish traps out of natural resources that you can find in the area is another way.

You can carry a lot more supplies on your shoulders if you can fit them inside your head.

If you have more than 26 good fishing places and going to one per week means at least a six month cycle until you return again. It's the same thing with other resources like the animals, the plants, the trees, and the soil. Seasons and regeneration.

You can learn an area and form a sustainable cycle.
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