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Originally Posted by wardancer View Post
Good luck with whatever you're going through !
The fact is there is a lot more things about Europe that I dislike..
I have made no secret over the years, that Europe's policies are counter-productive..

The European media can only be counted on, to block trade and commerce and diplomacy from America.
And to create hatred for America, by people who don't know any better.


Alcohol is much more addictive over time than Cigarettes, and Alcohol is DEADLY to try to quit once addicted..
and the effects of alcohol are immediate...

But quirks in the laws in Europe, can sometimes make the age to buy and drink alcohol... nearly infinitely younger than the age to buy Cigarettes.


The USA has fought 5 wars against Dictators in Europe who pose a threat to the USA.


The history of European urban is very long...
And it has not been decided by the people, it has been decided by Royalties and dictators.

And politics in Europe even today, makes that much, no secret.


Europeans can't seem to grasp the concept that just because my ancestors came from Europe...
doesn't mean that my NEEDS in life are the same as what people in Europe need...
It doesn't mean that my culture and the way that I see the world, is from Europe..

it doesn't mean that Everything that Europe makes, is effective here in America.

It doesn't mean that my culture and beliefs and way of life is the same as it is in Europe.

I am departed from Europe... they can't grasp it.

and Last but not least...

A whole lot of technology that was made in Europe, is pretty damn bad, and has let its users down, big time...
They're simply NOT the technology god that they think they are.
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