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Originally Posted by ZooGardens View Post

This is only a really small part of it.... though there are really crafty answers to it by TJ Kirk.
Of course, it's buzzfeed... All that "tea" when up to their head, tea logging themselves.

I payed attention through TJ Kirk's reaction soon after and really showed them up though I didn't agree with his statement regarding the European settlers to the Americas as "superior in terms of weaponry, technology..." when this is far from the truth. Part of the issue is what exactly is commonly considered and percieved as "Native American" by the public. For instance, the Meshika (Aztecs), Inca, Inuit, First Nations, Yanomami, and Mayans. Are they Native Americans?

They most certainly are in its proper, technical definition. They just aren't legally defined as Native Americans in the USA since they aren't federally recognized and never will be for they didn't exist within the current borders of the US ever since it and its current borders were established.

Originally Posted by ZooGardens View Post

I found this on somebody's car... literally... and I said...
Hey, you can always leave if you don't like the idea that we have the right to the benefits of having a government during a global crisis.

That's how this all started.
Unfortunately for you, but fortunately for me, I love that meme as it's so true to Native Americans in the past!

I find you are misinterpreting the meme though. Long story short, "'Twas just a joke!" as @OLChemist nutshellingly addresses upon you.

I recall you mentioning your discontent towards Amerinds who denounce the existence/right for the USA to exist for this is related to the point of the meme. There are indeed Amerinds who take the meme seriously to where they promote harsh anti-USA sentiments. Not that I'm one of them, but say I had a time machine so I'm granted the chance to revise history. So I decide to revise the impact of post-1492 European colonialism in the Americas in a way that the Amerinds maintain their status and progress from that moment on up to this very day. I'd be willing to take such action, even if it costs the existence of the USA. Mind you the USA wouldn't be the only nation to cease existence if it weren't for colonialism. Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Guatemala, Argentina, Haiti, Cuba, all current nations in the Americas wouldn't exist at all without colonialism.

Obviously, there's nothing I can do about it now, but no matter against me. You can still act in the present to construct the future and history. As an Amerind, I say we Amerinds should eventually secede from not only the USA, but from all aforementioned nations currently existing in the Americas and establish our own independent countries/nations that reflect upon our own traditional, cultural and societal values and aspects existing pre-1492 and distinct from the ones imposed upon us via colonialism and non-Amerind foreign immigration (to a lesser extent) so long as they don't interfere with values solely for "practical/pragmatic" purposes.
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