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Originally Posted by OLChemist View Post
Would you be asking this question if the imagery in question was Uncle Tom or Mamme?

Ask yourself, does crossing the cultural divide alter the power and meaning on collecting and displaying these images? For example, would the character of the collection of racist imagery of blacks described in the article below be different if the collector was white rather than black?
Thanks for the reply. I guess that's the core of my question. Is any vintage depiction of a Native American in white American culture always racist? If not all depictions, what is that line? I'm not speaking about caricatures or blatantly disrespectful depictions or representations (some of the Uncle Tom etc imagry goes well over that line)

For example, the buffalo nickel. It has Chief Iron Tail on the obverse. Designed with a respect towards Native American and western culture (as far as I know). More recently, the Sacajawea dollar. I honestly don't know if these types of things have controversy around them. From my point of view, they are honoring native Americans, and that is how I view most of this imagery. I only have respect, which makes it hard for me to view any of it in a racist light (which is why I'm asking for some insight here).

Thanks again.

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