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Dear OLChemist

Dear OLChemist,

I'm sorry but I cannot believe how mean you've been. I don't know you, and it's my first time on here.

You have made a lot of assumptions about me and my post that have deeply offended me.

I don't have ANY stereotypical ideas of Native American culture. "Modern" natives??? My grandfather was 1/2 Native American dude! Proven by DNA. Not some ancient relative I heard stories about. My mothers father was a Native American man.

Also, my ex boyfriend was a "Modern" Native American so I pretty much know what Native culture is. He was a Hopi/Pueblo Indian from Colorado. He was full Native and didn't live on a Reservation and worked for the Military. So yes, I know Native Americans aren't all "tree huggers who live in tipi's" as you put it. I've done a lot of research on modern and ancient Native culture. The good, the bad and the ugly truth of what non-natives have done to Native people and culture.

Where did I ever mention a tipi???

I also grew up in a very small Reservation town here with many Australian Aboriginal friends. So I know how Native people live these days thank you. I watch NITV here in Australia and it has many Documentaries on current living conditions and Native issues of all Native cultures. We are not under any illusions here in Australia, thank you.

It's not my fault that my Great Grandmother didn't stay in a relationship with my Grandfathers father and moved here to Australia.

Not going for any metaphors, when I say "plains" it's what I relate to the Australian outback. I'll say "land" if that makes you feel better.

Well, if my Grandfather's father hadn't ( disappeared ) on my Grandmother we would know which tribe he was from exactly wouldn't we??? She claimed she didn't know what ethnicity the father was.

To be honest I was hesitant about mentioning that I matched Cherokee people because I have heard everyone in America claims that. Well I don't have a family Cherokee story and I'm not after Native American benefits.

I would just like to be recognised as what I am instead of "What are you?" "Are you Eurasian?" "Are you Chinese or something?"

That's what I meant by being accepted. I don't want to move to a reservation. I have a house here. I honestly hoped that I could make some Native American friends here that would accept me as part Native. It's pretty lonely when I don't know any other part Native Americans in my country. Because it is a world away from America.

I wanted to visit a Reservation for a cultural exchange and to feel more connected to my grandfather. He died a month before I was born so I didn't get to meet him. All I have is photographs of him that look like Native American men from the 1800's and early 1900's.

Why would I hear a nasty comment or two at a Powwow?? I look part Native. You're assuming I'm some blonde, bimbo looking flaky girl, claiming to be an Indian Princess or something. Wrong.

My skin is light but why would people say nasty things. I am a very humble person. I don't appreciate the level of judgement I have received here.I didn't expect this but at least I thought someone would send me a polite message of guidance rather than a snappy toned comments.

The arena isn't about you? What does that even mean? Why would I make the arena about me when I'm a guest on the tribal owned land of the Powwow organisers? Who would be that rude or clueless?

I hoped to make friends on here and hopefully make a friend that I could visit on or off a Reservation for a culture exchange. I didnt post to offend anyone.

It would be nice to make a meaningful friendship with someone (hopefully a man because I'm single) who shares my Ancestry instead of being shunned for not being 100% Native American.

I sincerely apologise if I offended you in any way with my post OLChemist. It was not my intent. I wish you well and appreciate your taking the time to reply. I shall find another Native American forum to look for friends to meet and hope to have better luck making connections there before I fly over for my holiday.
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