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Originally Posted by OLChemist View Post
Actually in the states many non-Indians do. Some because they think they can get free education and health care or casino money. Others want a white-guilt get out of jail free card. And still others because they have been raised in such appalling ignorance of the riches of their own cultures, that they have to steal crumbs to fill their bellies.

OK, this is a bit of hot button issue with me. Please listen to what I'm going to say with an "open heart."

I ask you to try to look at this from the perspective of a person raised knowing their tribe. A person who is living the life and death struggles to keep languages alive, prevent children from taking their own lives, recover an viable economy, preserve the scraps remaining after state sponsored cultural genocide... Shall I go on? For these people, the identity crisis of someone who can afford to hunt a heritage in their DNA is -- well I know this sounds cruel -- trivial.

I do understand understand your pain. At a point in my life, it was mine as well. I beg you to consider the reality of what you are claiming and have compassion and respect for those of a higher blood quantum.

In my over a half century on this planet, I've seen a lot of brutal attacks on full-blood or rez-born or phenotypically Indian looking people by thin-blooded, displaced mixed bloods. I've also come to respect and on a level understand what the battle to preserve and revive a wounded culture does to those who fight it.

These people and their tribes do not hold hostage the keys to your happiness and refuse them out of racism or spite. People and tribes have limited resources, they must marshall them for the most benefit. These people are living, preserving and revitalizing that which you as an iyeska are claiming. They are also just people, with all the faults and foibles one would expect of those who have struggled for so long. Compassion can be a limited resource. People can be scarred. Cut folks some slack. It will serve you well in the long run.

The first step in recovering a Native worldview is to realize it isn't about you. "That these people might live." Men and women don't sacrifice in the Sun Dance for themselves; they don't dance and pray for hours on the mesas for themselves. You (the generic you, not you in particular) may think you're going to be a great asset to your Native community. And you may well be -- someday but maybe not today. When a hammer is needed secure a board to shore up a wall, a wrench can be a poor substitute. You must learn to subordinate your needs to the well being of our children and grandchildren. When you do this, you will be honoring your ancestors.

Try to keep it current about the task at hand. You keep telling me it's not about me. It's not all about you either with all due respect. I need to address that. This thread is about somebody from England NOT America. He is not trying to get benefits as he lives in another country.He is asking for genuine advice on how to find out if he is Native. Many English people have African Ancestors who left behind masks, robes etc, it's not that unusual to have an Ancestor from another culture overseas.

We all want to know where we came from and what we are made of. It's the meaning of life.

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