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I am somewhat reminded of an "open pow-wow" (er, we appreciate your gifts of energy via money, and will repay you with a bit of a Native thrill - sorry to sound dreadfully cynical, but that was the way it struck me) I attended in Newfoundland some years back.
I was horribly embarrassed by some of the things the white visitors got up to, such as getting snarky because the Elder in charge would not give them a coal from the fires to take home.
My impression, and possibly I am boasting a bit, but...I spent the days up in the woods carving a set of runestaves out of the bones of the bear which I had gone to Newfoundland to seek, and only came down for the sweat lodges at night, since the practice is very similar to our Northern sauna. The Elder in charge took me at my word when I let him know that I was accustomed to the practice, and put me in the hottest spot; I found it quite pleasant, and not as challenging as most of the other guests did, given that Finnish sauna (among its many other spiritual uses) is often used by young men to develop and demonstrate the quality called sisu (courage/stubborness/heroism). But I got the impression that having a guest who greatly respected and wished to learn from the traditions of his hosts, yet had his own native traditions and did not desire to be a Tribe Hokumfakum Injun, was a bit of a relief...
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