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Originally Posted by gilisi View Post
First, you accuse probably the kindest person in these forums, and a respected elder, of bullying; then you accuse a respected Southern Cheyenne elder of being a fake; and now you speak as an authority because you took a DNA test?!?

Go away.

I hope your DNA speaks to you someday loud enough for you to hear. Up until now you carry on like someone who has been skipping her meds.
1. I never accused him of bullying it was about someone else. I just happened to click on one of his posts to refer the whole thread to admin. It wasn't personal.

2. How am I being an authority by referring someone to an Indian Supply store to get advice. None of you answered his question.

Australian Aboriginal people do smudging ceremonies too by the way. Sorry but you're not the only people who do it. Also many Inuit people are also Cree Indian. That's a well known Canadian history fact.

Nope, not on meds, don't drink, don't take drugs of any kind. Your hateful words just bounce off me dude, peace.

You all must be sooooo bored as you're picking at me because I told a dude to go to a Native American store for advice. How does that affect you? Build a bridge....
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