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Originally Posted by wardancer View Post
Yes , those are "Plains Tribes". On this continent "The Great Plains" extends into Canada ! The "issue" is your attitude towards Our culture ! This is something you said to me and I quote "I practise both Earth/spirit Native religion and Christianity." So you just throw a whole bunch of mixed up religions together and claim that. You don't truly know squat about any one tribe's beliefs ! All you have is a stereotypical belief that we all lived in harmony and everybody got along with each other. There are special uses for different herbs that we smudge with. Only the un-knowing just mix them all up and have a "universal" smudge. That's what upsets me! You don't really know chit and you want everybody to accept you as ndn, just because you got a little DNA. It doesn't work like that. You are just a thin blood wishiwas until you show something besides DNA !
I don't want to know about your religious beliefs as I have my own. I don't need to explain all of my religious/cultural groups that I belong to on an Internet forum to someone I don't know that's why I phrased it that way.

I never said I thought everyone lived in harmony. I've read history. You aren't the only tribe or culture to use smudge. Your arrogance surrounding the idea of other cultures using smudge suggests a lack of respect for others. I'm not a thin blood. I state my Quantam, you don't ever state yours.

I don't need or want your acceptance. I already have the acceptance of my Native family members. Your opinion is futile. I'm secure in my identity with my own Native culture.
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