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help with two dreams

hi everyone. i am hoping someone can help! sadly my grandmother passed years ago so i can't go to her to ask. so last week in my dream i was being attacked, by who or what i have no idea, but my spirit animal protected me. that's my first question. i have no idea what it is. at first i thought it was a bear. it's a plain dark brown, it's ears are small and round, it's head is huge and it's paws are massive with retractable claws. but the more i reflect on it, it feels like a feline. i've tried finding what it could be online without luck. so if it sounds familiar to you please let me know what you think it is. and my second dream happened two or three nights later. me and my 'protector' were going to the defense of a white bear, not a polar bear, a white grizzly is what it felt like. but my 'protector' was right beside me, tho i couldn't see it only a glimpse of that chocolate brown fur. so does anyone know what that dream means? i maybe think i'm not 'ready' to truly meet it yet but i would at least like to get an idea of the kind of being it is. maybe studying the animal and what it represents is what i have to find within myself. i just have no idea WHAT to study.
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