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Originally Posted by ches View Post
Do not know tribe. Looking into family history. Over 50% of Kentuckians say, “my grandmother was full blooded Cherokee”. or they may say great grandmother. Wonder how far distant your tribal history is in the past from Poland and Russia. Germans were still tribal when the Romans were “civilized” killing the Christians.
Back in time people kept wandering around a lot in central europe. I think it's called central Europe. And country borders changed a lot in history. I wonder if people having had the same surname back in the 1500's years are related somehow or if that rare surname occured independently from one another in different parts of europe. I was able to trace the existence of that name back to the 1500's. That tribe you talk about may be the Germanen. Part of the germans where the Teutonians and some people say todays country name Deutschland stems from the Teutonians. But that subject was never interesting to me. Are you going to look further into your native american ancestry?
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