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Originally Posted by wardancer View Post
Well , so far so good with our's a few years past when I thought we'd be replacing it ! My health issues have hindered my entire summer and fall. Apparently the kidney stone had triggered my immune system and the result of a longer than normal healing time and side effects are an intense flare up of my rheumatoid arthritis ! Some days my hands and wrists are nearly immovable ! I have gotten to the point I've gone back on some meds I've been avoiding just because of the after effects.....I am thankful for all we've had , all we still have , and all the Creator continues to provide for us. I hope everyone here has a wonderful Thanksgiving , and remember that family and traditions are an important part of our lives.
I have the same problem as you, Wardancer.Sometimes i can't hold a cup of coffee in my hand.As long as i don't work it's fine but if i do something of heavy lifting or so it's agony.The specialist in the hospital said they could do an operation but there's only a 50/50 chance of succes or worse.So, i leave it like it is.I get paid by the health insurance, it's not to much but i manage to stay
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