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Bounty on our scalps and tribal people.

The US and western countries in general are classic liberal / English liberal by ideology. They want you to be them not your natural tribe. I came to this forum to talk about things I'm learning. I'm probably going to be kicked off he board for posting this but I'm a white nationalist. I got started in it because of anti white hate posts all over the net. That lead me to the usual Nazi stuff etc but that didn't give me any real answers, it seemed like the same crap I was trying to get away from. I remember putting up a paper with a Nordic symbol at a school I was at. Some Native people came buy and scrawled a tribal symbol over it and that made me think. Its really just tribe vs tribe at that point, white nationalists are tribal people, hell we use tribal symbols like the one on my paper. We even have tribal religions not that different from what you guys have. We have similar struggles too, native people often don't like the feds, constantly have to fight with the government to get ahead, get water rights, build a casino and so on. Even our history is similar. Long ago, European tribes were taken over by Christians much the same way it happened in the Americas. They destroyed our religious sites and symbols and so on. Then, they converted us to part of their ideology and made us forget our old tribal beliefs, they even called us "heathens". Then, they used us to conquer still other tribes and it just kept going. In the present day we have the same kinds of problems as well. The feds don't like white nationalists either, some of us are militant it's true but even if your a mellow white nationalist they still don't want you around. You can't even talk about your beliefs or you could loose your job all they see is a Nazi. The admins will probably kick me off the board but thats cool, I've said my piece and I'm not an American Native anyway. You can think what ever about me but the fact remains we are still brothers under the skin in the respects I have talked about.
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