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What is wrong with whites asking about culture ?

Hi Everyone,

I have been reading some of the posts here and there seems to be a divide with white people asking about your culture. im white and travelling to the US.

As an Aussie we do not have culture unless your wanting to have a beer and bbq and a swim at the beach. Thats the culture here. haha. We have a disconnect to our heritage as most of our great grandparents were bought out here as convicts, and or stolen generation from orphanages. Or alot of the time people changed thier name when they arrived here.

Personally i am really interested in a number of cultures, indigenous australians, maouri and american indian.

Unfortunately we were never taught anything in relation to the australian indigenous. You had to find it yourself with limited resources. And i did and researched the history.

This is now slowly changing and my daughters primary school (upto 11 years old) has just introduced Noongar language, all students learn the language. (Western Australian Perth regional traditional owners- Noongar). At each assembly at the school the traditional land owners are acknowledged and the land we stand on which is noongar land. This is read out in the Noongar language and also english. There is so much more also but that will take a while, so....

Its so great to see the changes happening for the next generation and to heal the older generations, both white and indigenous.

In saying that, there has always been sooo much to read on American Indian history and culture. So my interest and admiration for your culture started at any early age.

No i dont have a purchased tipi in my backyard, but i have seen many white people doing this and charging for meditations....highly annoying !!!!!

So no i don't see myself as anything other than myself, but i would love to when i come to the US to meet with the traditional land owners and just go with the flow. In that i may have questions to ask and so not sure on how it will be received. My intentions are relaxed and curious and i love to learn and i think your culture is amazing.

So how do we avoid asking the wrong questions or being viewed as another pain in the arse white person ??? Thanks !!
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