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Thanks Subeeds!

Will make sure i click the remember me box.

I think its great your outspoken about our environment, we all need to take a stand on that, sadly most people are too busy wrapped up in the belief of having to work and buy things that are of no value and repeat, stuck on a mouse wheel and do nothing to contribute other than contribute to their own stress and the money system.

Thank you for your kind words. I will be curious of course but will always ask what is appropriate, and say sorry if i hit a certain topic, last thing i wont to do is offend.

Looking forward to doing some research on the places i would like to visit, as i dont really want to be in a group of idiots on any tour, would prefer it be just me and the guide hahahaa.

Please dont make too much of a judgement on my next comments, as i am just wanting to clarify something if i can ?

My indigenous friend moved to an area where i grew up, so i took her to the places i have always felt a certain energy. She picked it up straight away haha, which i knew she would. We talk openly about this kinda thing but of course this is because we are friends and we have that trust and respect with each other.

Lets say i am visiting one of the Nations and i feel a certain something, can i mention it. And i mean mention... not start a huge dialogue and shouting and screaming oohhs and ahhhhs hahaha. Nothing to do with ego, i just want to know to either keep that to myself or quietly mention it. Of course i will gauge the situation and if there are too many ears around i will be quite and maybe mention it later, say to the guide. But i guess is this considered something that we shouldnt say ? Im happy to keep it to myself in any respect, im not looking for validation on what i feel.

Just thought i would ask the question.
Thanks !!!
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