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It'a always amazing how some people pre-judge other people without knowing them in real for real. It'a also amazing how some people compare the grief and agony some people have with other peoples grief and agony and then decide which grief or agony may be worse, so to tell the one with presumingly less pain, look what are you complaining for, other people having it much worse than you. Of course there's always someone having it worse, so? Would it make my own hurt less painful? No. And if you are feeling sorry for yourself, good on you! At least you show that you care and have a feeling for your own needs. And since I am alone and bored on this NYE I just felt like writing this or something anyway. At least the TV-Programm tonite is worthwhile unlike all the other days of the year! Too many violent TV-films in my country. There is enough violence in the world already, no need for actors acting in violent TV-movies and documentaries. A happy New Year for all those having to spend the year change alone, I mean really alone, single and alone at home. And of course a Happy New Year for everyone else as well!
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