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interesting thread.

I think it might be difficult to understand the intense need for belonging that some people experience, especially by those who weren't born with a sense of it predefined easily for them and passed down through their family. Like with a lot of things, you don't realize how important something is until it's gone missing, and for some people it is never missing from the beginning - and they are lucky! - while other people, it's been missing from the start and it may even take them a long time to realize it (if they ever do). They have the feeling of emptiness and may inevitably gravitate emotionally (wisely or unwisely) towards certain topics/ideas/ and sometimes identities which feel like they are guiding them towards a more whole sense of being.

I also think that what a lot of people don't realize about white people is that they ALL - bar none - had indigenous/tribal(?) ways in the distant past, however far back. There is undeniably a lot of animosity towards white people by others races, but in more recent years it's more noticeably also being stirred up by whites towards themselves. I don't think the fact that much of imperialism and imperialistic attitudes historically has been enforced by white people is proof in and of itself that white people by blood are defective in some crucial way, as much as I continue to see this sentiment implicitly AND explicitly suggested in the world. Forgive me if this is really ballsy to say, but if any other races had been living in closer geographic proximity to Rome in the past 2000 years, that would've very likely become the people that would constitute our modern "white" people. It's not an issue of blood but an issue of philosophies of life, view of reality, and mode of government - all which were used as tools of dominion by a new (at the time), highly effective, centralized and organized power structure.

European tribal peoples were forced at the edge of a blade (just like everyone else later on) to accept the rule and gradually the philosophy of their conquerors. They were just conquered a longer time ago, over a longer period of time, by people who looked more similar to them (one less barrier to assimilation - forced breeding laws with foreign occupying soldiers helped, too). And it wasn't just a forcing to accept authoritative rule and obey orders... their native religions were COMPLETELY wiped out, Christianity made sure of that (a tool of conquest? a lot of people think so) - being mandatory for conquered peoples to accept, also at the edge of a blade. It is wonderful that a lot of native american tribes have retained their beliefs and customs. White people TRULY do not have ANY of that which has survived for them from pre-christian times - except through movies, books - not firsthand, and not even from reliable sources.

White people in america really have no home... even if they could afford to go back to europe and attempt to assimilate, it would probably prove to be too troublesome and lonely for most. It's not even their culture anymore- and the culture that they DO have has been totally manufactured.

As for me, I only have one great-great grandfather of full native american blood, who was an orphan and I don't know what tribe he was. I heard about him as a kid and this lead me to have more curiosity as I got older - though as for his tribal customs, beliefs, sense of community- none of that was passed to me whatsoever. I am now 26 and tomorrow I am planning on going to my first powwow just to check it out and see how it feels. I am kind of nervous about it so with some google searches I found this thread and read the whole thing.

Long before I first started reading books about native american ideas and religion, I could easily have seen myself possibly over-hyping my native american ancestry- because all of the things that native americans represented to me in my head aligned so much more truthfully with the way that I felt about things (felt right)- in comparison to the world view being shoved down my throat through school and television. It seemed like something to be proud of. I never had much direct interaction with more full blooded natives as a kid, but I could've easily have seen myself acting in a way or saying something that would have possibly been offensive to them.

I really wonder, what is more significant when determining what constitutes a people? Is it genetic, is genetics even important whatsoever, or is it more importantly about shared values and shared destiny?

I think these are questions that are going to be more and more significant in the future, and not just for whites and natives specifically. All I know is that people divided cannot work together. Maybe we can learn from the past and the future can be brighter. I really believe that deep down. Hopefully we can all have more sympathy for each other. Seems to be the only way to bring us closer together.

thanks for the thread and thanks for reading, hope I didn't sound like a douche, and I hope I didn't waste your time

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