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Originally Posted by OLChemist View Post
Can't you see the same forces at work today?
absolutely. I see it as exactly the same force that is attempting to bring all peoples and cultures under its thumb until they have no memory whatsoever of their past, until the lifeblood and energies of all people only feed one power structure. Then the work that began thousands of years ago will be complete. The work is at varying levels of completion with different peoples- some way more, some way less.

You bring up a lot of really good points, all of which I agree with, I apologize for misspeaking anywhere - instead of easily I should've said maybe "more" easily - but comparing I suppose can be pointless without real understanding to begin with. Things seem a certain way on the outside to outsiders, in any case. I think there are a lot of things just as someone who didn't grow up in the *white* culture can't understand, a white can't understand what it's like to grow up indian. From the outside I can see how certain aspects of white culture would be difficult to comprehend - and because they are difficult to understand, easier to result in judgment (and of course, vice versa- same would be likely to happen with any cultures or peoples who seem opposed or different in some way from each other). I know overall in my posts I am sounding like some kind of a white apologist which is the most uncool thing in the world right now. I'm just trying to promote more understanding on both ends I guess

About family- again, I don't know what it's like growing up indian, but I can say that all the white people I know who want to get away from their parents (myself included) had parents that treated them like total crap. And likely, these parents were treated that way by their parents, too - so it's developed over generations and generations. I think it's something to do with the power structure itself which discourages empathy and tells you that the way to get things to happen is to force and coerce people - authoritarianism - and have no mercy - almost like your children are soldiers or something. In a lot of these families there is very little warmth whatsoever, and the expression of authentic emotion or intimacy is completely absent. On top of that, there is this huge collective abstract authority that society represents for white families it seems... and parents sometimes will even compete with their own children for the imagined approval of that society- so sometimes you can feel like you are completely on your own. It can make you completely crazy.

About not appreciating the christian religion handed down... yes, there are definitely some admirable pieces of christian history/tradition/philosophy, really interesting christian mystics... but, for most of us that grew up with our parents trying to "bring us up" in that religion, forcing us to church on Sundays- it felt totally fake, the whole thing. Most or all of the people going seem to be there for show, and in my family personally as well as other families I know, the most vocal "christians" were also the most disgusting, self righteous and judgmental people you could ever meet. The experience of church for many provides nothing authentic to hold onto, and even the people who identify as christian who might seem to have something legitimately spiritual about them would've anyways whether they were brought up christian or not. It's not very encouraging to really want to investigate more about christianity for most.

On top of that, in more modern times, the culture is dictating and has been dictating - atheism is cool, christianity is not. Family is also "uncool".

Most modern christians belief seems to hinge upon this whole thing that believing that Jesus died for your sins is the most important thing in the universe and all you have to do is believe that and you will go to heaven when you die, nothing you do actually matters. It's really nuts. It makes you feel nuts going to church and having this crap hammered into your head over and over.

We could also get into a whole historical debate about whether institutional christianity was completely manufactured intentionally as a tool of dominion from its inception. Whereas celtic, norse, germanic or any native culture grew on its own, fermented in a way for thousands and thousands of years - christianity was created (its beliefs and practices arbitrarily decided by committees) and forced up hordes of conquered peoples. And if it was based on completely fake suppositions- as many feel - where does that leave us with it?

I think a really crucial question is - what are a people who have completely lost their own native history and culture left to do? Create a new one, I guess is the only answer, but then how do you go about doing that? Sorting the things out that are on the table for the culture I guess is also the only logical answer- but also, that is difficult to do when the culture has been completely hijacked - when most of the people living in the culture aren't even the ones creating it anymore. Just like with christianity, a lot of the beliefs and viewpoints that are getting pushed on television have been arbitrarily decided by people who don't have THE people's best interest in mind or at heart. It's impersonal.

I know white people seem silly or out of place approaching native beliefs/customs - but honestly they almost seem the same level of silly or out of place trying to re-approach their own heritage which they've been alienated from by a gap of hundreds or thousands of years. You may not have been exposed to the communities of people trying to revive pagan beliefs and customs - but I think there is some crossover in the particular way of going about it. I think it may have to do with growing up heavily on movies and television, and NOT receiving ANY traditions handed down from family - not even having any offered in the first place to either accept or reject. Many or most families let the TV and the school system raise their kids - that is, they give their kids up to the abstract authority to raise, and whatever version of history those forces decide to give those kids, is the version they get.

I think white people are just hungry for something true and authentic because everything they grew up with has largely been manufactured and felt fake or forced. Hopefully no other cultures get destroyed to the same extent before we can really begin rolling up our sleeves and reversing/undoing/healing thousands of years of spiritual, social and psychological damage. We are all going to need help from each other, that is for sure.
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