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It happens almost every time I go out for some groceries or any place that german men verbally or physically attack me and it's men aged 55 - 90. An old man maybe 85 did not wanted me to get off the bus before him so he pushed me out when I went off anyway; I got pushed into the train, out of their 2 meter wide way but it was not wide enough for a single man to walk. Oh no, I do not want to mention all those other maybe 300 incedendes. Also women aren't much better and once a man said to me people like me should get destroyed because 2 muslim guys were following me around just to annoy me and I said to a woman maybe my age 60+ that those sh..... guys keep following me. So this german guy 50+ yelled at me that he's a foreigner too and people like me should get destroyed because I said that sh..... word about. I was scared, annoyed but never ever get any help by others. They just watch. I hardly ever go out anymore anyway but even for the little shopping time those whoever aggressive germans 55+ keep getting at me.
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