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Originally Posted by OLChemist View Post
Welcome to

This may sound a bit harsh. Your family, who know your people's ways, support you. Why are you asking anonymous strangers from different tribes what they think?

I had never known of a Native people who wore dreads until today. With all due respect, why on earth would you care what I think? I am clearly not knowledgable.

The only useful input might have is: My great uncle told me, if I was going to pursue a particular teaching then I needed to be strong enough to submit myself to family and community input and strong enough to ignore those who had no right to comment.
This is interesting for me to hear because I know that some First Nation elders had hair rolls as well, Iím not as connected with the tribe as much as Iíd like to be as my fam no longer lives on the Rez and my father passed away when I was young, so I have limited knowledge of other tribes and their practices. Really the reason Iím writing this is to see if anybody still practiced this hair tradition because too me it was something not uncommon and I was hoping to reach out to the community to speak up about this due to some people being ďcalled outĒ for having hair like this. Not only like this, but also having braids that could be mistaken for African American braids if unfamiliar to our culture. My sister grew up with braids in her hair and to think that my cousin who passed as white as well will be ridiculed for braids that are native in origin but everyone only sees African Americans doing this (African Americans not realizing this as well) and its a reminder of how indigenous people are being kicked to the side when talking about whatís acceptable and whatís not.

Also, I really appreciate that word of advice from your uncle. Iím just a little insecure about this choice as I only have a small connection from my grandparents and uncles are who native that donít talk about the tribe as much as Iíd like. They seem to have some sort of bitterness about it.

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